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Michael, pls allow me to clarify the essence of “now” for you and anyone else who still doesn’t understand the nature of current campus protests. To be “anti-Zionist” denies a 2000-yr-old desire and daily prayer by Jews to return to their homeland. History finally made this possible post World War II by the perverse genocide of half the Jews worldwide. However I haven’t seen it written that Jews can’t or won’t share the land of Israel with non-Jews.

Alas, this doesn’t seem to be the case from a “pro-Palestinian” perspective. To shout, “ free Palestine”, or “from the river to the sea,” feeds into a call for the eradication of Israel and/or (according the the Hamas mission statement) the eradication of Jews everywhere. Btw, this is called a genocidal pursuit. It’s Jew hating whatever way you look at it.

So what are you confused about? Even smart (young) people can act dumb if they haven’t studied history. I think that would be case with many of our nation’s most vociferous, thoughtless and dangerously menacing youth.

Free Gaza from Hamas. Free the remaining living hostages. And then maybe we can all start to explore some kind of lasting peace.

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I'm not that confused, I am taking a short break from gardening to respond to you, my fellow wine loving musical pal:). I agree fully with all of your points as usual, I hope my note was not that unclear, I just wish some of the protestors would take a break and do some reading and doing a little more research on this complicated history. L'Chaim.

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Well said Mr. Dorf, like always. Strong points, great questions...

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