Another great column. I am a diehard Republican and I could not agree with you more about Trump. He had a few successes in office but that was it. His term was a mess, to put it mildly, and that was against the backdrop of trying to get elected for a second term. Should he win this election, there will be no backdrop, he will do whatever he can to be the Imperial leader he believes he is destined for. Sounds like a Russian fellow or that guy in Beijing doesn't it?

Your point about Truth Social is so spot on I am going to try to get everyone one of my conservative friends to read it and stop telling me the bullshit that this is the next Facebook(Meta).

The biggest problem right now is that the Democrats have Joe Biden running against him. This may be their undoing. Any competent opponent (except for Beto O'Rourke) would beat Trump handily.

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I tend to ignore stuff (bad things, doing laundry etc) but Trump I can’t ignore. He wants in with a vengeance and like a petulant child he’s getting back at anyone who tried to stop/prosecute or called him fat. Oh Lawd help us all.

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